• Experience


    William Elston has done a substantial number of commissions over many years, including for Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Ashforth Pacific, Chicago Title, Evergreen Hospital, and many other corporate and private clients. The commissioned works represent a broad range of types, including subjects that required travel to countries like France and Argentina, historical subjects, portraits, homes and specific regional landscapes.

  • Process


    Commissioned works have some protocols and procedures that are not present in the production of gallery inventory. This is because the commissioned work represents a collaboration between artist and client. The client can choose their level of involvement, and provide feedback and final approval.

    The first step in producing a commissioned work is to determine the size of the commission. Once that is done, then subject is agreed upon by client and artist. This decision can be arrived at by client suggestion, and presenting montage and in situ examples on a private web page. Client feedback and involvement can include the same aformentioned private web page, where progress is documented. It can also include studio visits.

  • Price


    You can calculate the estimated base price using the widget below. This price does not include framing, travel (if required,) taxes, or crating and shipping (if required.)

    Once the size of the commission is determined, then the process is initiated by the payment of 50% of the base fee. This is non-refundable. Travel and per diem expenses (if required) can be paid as required. Final payment + relevant taxes must be paid upon final client approval, before framing and delivery.

    Every effort will be expended to meet the client’s expectations. However, if in the event the client does not approve of the commissioned work, the artist will retain the painting and the client is not responsible for final payment.

  • Travel / Research

    Travel or Research

    If the subject of the commission requires travel, then travel and per diem expenses will be added. The artist can work from photographs and other preliminary study, but not from third party photographs, i.e. artist must take the photographs and other work product required for the painting, with limited exceptions.

    If research is involved, e.g. for historical subjects, then expenses may be required for that as well.

  • Studies, Macquettes and Other Work Product

    Studies, Macquettes and Other Work Product

    If studies, maquettes, proposals or other work intensive preliminaries are required before a commission is contracted, then a fee will be negotiated for this. This fee can be applied to the final payment of the commission. However, all studies, macqettes and other work product will remain the property of the artist.

  • Copyright

    The artist retains copyright to the commissioned painting and all related work product. Any reproduction of the work is at the sole discretion of the artist. The artist may grant limited reproduction, either gratis or for a fee, depending on the circumstances of reproduction.

  • Framinig, Taxes, Crating & Shipping


    Framing the work is the responsibility of the client. The artist can assist with locating a framer and selecting the frame.


    Sales or other taxes are calculated based on the location of client or the place of sale, whichever is applicable.

    Crating and Shipping

    Crating and shipping are the responsibility of the client. The artist will provide an estimate of the cost. If the commission is delivered within the greater Seattle area, the artist may personally deliver the work free of charge.

  • Commission Inquiry

    Commission Inquiry

    If you have a specific inquiry that is not answered in this page, or if you would like to commission a painting and would like to confirm artist's availability, you can use this form. When inquiring about a commission, please be as specific as possible re. size, subject, etc.

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William E. Elston

aritst/owner: w. e. elston fine arts
William E. Elston is a professional artist and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. He has exhibited for over 40 years, and has works in numerous public and private collections.

William E. Elston

aritst/owner: w. e. elston fine arts
William E. Elston is a professional artist and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. He has exhibited for over 40 years, and has works in numerous public and private collections.
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