Mount Rainier

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A View Of Mount Rainier, oil on canvas, 22 x 30 inches, work in progress, copyright ©2016

“A View Of Mount Rainier“ is a piece that is being painted en plein air from one of the viewpoints or overlooks that can be found in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle. The light and landscape shift rapidly as the sun washes across the hills leading southward, and as the cloud cover lifts in the afternoon. I have moved Mount Rainier 3 times since the beginning of the painting.

There was a period of a month when the painting was not actively being worked on, between the third and fourth state. During that time I was preparing a show. Since getting back to it the color of the foliage is pretty consistent, but will probably change rapidly as Fall presses on.

After a couple of brief sessions in the Spring, I have returned to a Fall look. In the meantime the large, dominant tree in the foreground has been cut down, exposing some buildings and a yard. This composition seems more coherent to me. I am also returned to Fall’s darker palette and deeper shadows. Some paintings have to wander all over the place before they settle into a groove.
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