The Old Junkstore

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The Old Junk Store (1st St & Main Ave), oil on panel, 24 x 30 inches, work in progress, copyright ©2018

This is a new painting and represents the results of five painting sessions. The subject is an old junk shop on 1st St in Snohomish. The owner claims to have owned the building for 60 years. It most likely has not been repainted in about 50. It has some beautiful old signage, and some Hallowe’en decorations that may be up all year.

The location is bustling non-stop. The proprietors are constantly changing things, placing items on display, taking others down. The Hallowe’en decorations are moved around constantly. Now there is a huge wind-sock that throws up its hands from the veranda. He is being run by a loud generator. The skeleton has been removed, replaced by a ghoul.

The setup is typical for working on street scenes in a well traveled area. Lots of pedestrians, cars, constant flux and noise. On one of the sessions a man from Boise ID spent about 20 minutes kibitzing, and then another 10 standing in front of my subject in hopes that I would include him in the painting.

Generally I don’t mind talking to passers by. I’m used to doing demos, so I can let my mind drift along with the painting process while appearing to be a “good listener.” If I ever find myself getting annoyed, I remind myself that these people have checkbooks.

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