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Plein Air Class Sale, With A Twist!

I’m currently having a sale on Plein Air Class session credits, with a twist! The first 6 people to sign up, or to add to their existing credits, will get to choose a 9 x 12 inch or 8 x 10 inch class demo, similar to the examples in this slide show. The painting will be finished, signed and framed in a gallery frame. More details can be found on my website here. When these demonstration studies have been exhibited they have sold for between $600 – 800. There is a counter on the website that indicates when the sale will end.

From my website: “Painting ‘en plein air’ is less about representing the countryside or urban environment than it is about becoming aware of life’s underlying rhythms. By sustained looking and listening, the distractions of daily life fall away. We find ourselves more fully occupying the moment. By replicating this pulse in the gestures of our brushstroke, we train our mind on what is essential.”

Plein Air Classes begin in April and go until late October.

Update: I fixed a glitch where the Paypal link did not reflect the sale price.

Update 2: This sale has expired!

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  1. Clifford M Bodell says:

    My wife and I are definitely interested. It would make a great birthday present for her. Where will the classes be held.

  2. Bill says:

    The classes are held at various locations in the Greater Seattle area.
    This includes Seattle itself, at locations such as the Arboretum,
    Discovery Park, Fishermen’s Terminal, Pioneer Square, etc. We also paint
    on the Eastside, in the Kirkland, Redmond and Bothell area, and as far
    north as Snohomish. The classes are coordinated via the private student
    section of my website. I try to accommodate students w/ regard to
    location and schedule, and students choose those sessions that best suit
    their needs. An example of how that works is that I have a student that
    travels from Paris to a family home on Bainbridge every summer. When she
    is here we schedule classes that are not too distant from the ferry
    terminal, in hopes of minimizing her inconvenience. Most students live
    in the Seattle area. We also return to the same location over several
    sessions, so that no one ends up with a group of unfinished works at the
    end of the season.

    Not all students have the same days available, so classes are scheduled
    both on weekdays and weekends. It is rare that all students can attend
    the same session. We also do have to work around the weather a bit, as
    it is Seattle. Last year we had between 30 – 40 sessions, so everyone
    had sufficient sessions to choose from. If any session credits are left
    over, they carry over to the next year. Maps and a session calendar are
    available in the student section of the website, and upon signing up you
    will receive login credentials for that, along with a recommended
    materials list.

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William E. Elston is a professional artist and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. He has exhibited for over 40 years, and has works in numerous public and private collections, both in the region and internationally. He is best known for urban and rural landscape images. He is also a founding member of the Northwest Figurative Artists' Alliance.

William Elston teaches ongoing plein air classes during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Classes are held at various locations throughout the greater Seattle area.