William E. Elston

William E. Elston is a Pacific Northwest artist best known for urban and rural landscape subjects. He has been exhibiting in the region for over 50 years. Mr. Elston has also been teaching painting and drawing in the Greater Seattle area for several decades. Currently he offers ongoing classes in painting en plein air, and offers Online Group Critiques via Zoom-based sessions.

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Man With Cart

This painting was exhibited at Davidson Galleries in the early 1990s. It was done before the Pergola was destroyed by a truck in 2001. The current Pergola is a facsimile, rebuilt from scratch. I still have this work in my studio inventory. It is one of the few paintings left from this period.

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77 min read

Linin' Track

This is a painting from my second show at Davidson Galleries. It depicts the lining of track for a new extension of the trolly that carried tourists from the edge of the International District to points along the Alaska Way Viaduct, all the way to Myrtle Edwards Park. The trolly was short lived. A sculpture park required real estate that provided the only maintenance shed for the trolly, at the start of Myrtle Edwards.

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49 min read

Portrait Show at Cascadia Art Museum

This painting, a self portrait from 1979, will be in an upcoming exhibition at Cascadia Art Museum, in Edmonds WA. The painting was done in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, where I was living at the time. It was exhibited in Soho at The First Street Gallery. I had just turned 30, and had spent my birthday drinking piña coladas with my Puerto Rican and Colombian neighbors in our postage-stamp sized backyard.

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