William E. Elston

William E. Elston is a Pacific Northwest artist best known for urban and rural landscape subjects. He has been exhibiting in the region for over 50 years. Mr. Elston has also been teaching painting and drawing in the Greater Seattle area for several decades. Currently he offers ongoing classes in painting en plein air, and offers Online Group Critiques via Zoom-based sessions.

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Snohomish Valley Study – Greens

This painting was done during one of my landscape sessions at a viewpoint that my class frequents during our plein airseason. I’m looking forward to the return of good weather and the rich greens of spring and summer, as well as a return to some of Seattle’s more urban subjects. I’m also planning to do some Skagit Valley subjects for my upcoming show at i. e. gallery, in Edison, WA in April. Details will be posted on my galleries and exhibition calendar pages in the near future.

landscape plein air snohomish

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