Rotary Park

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A View ORotary Park, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches, copyright ©2018

Rotary Park on the Snohomish River is one of those paintings that, while not very complex, was difficult to bring to a conclusion. This often happens when a the subject changes quite radically over time. It was a painting that has been chased all over the place over the past year.

The main problem was that the City of Everett neglects to trim back the foreground, and I kept having to shift my point-of-view to see my subject. By summer's end the Snohomish River was barely, a profusion of jungle à la Le Douanier Rousseau.

There is always the possibility that by chasing a scene's changes, it will escape from me entirely. I'm reminded of Antonio López García's basement of failures in Victor Erice's "The Quince Tree Sun." Nature inspires, but she never cooperates. 

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