Their interior decorator had wanted them to see a sculpture that was in Davidson’s inventory, but they were really excited about a painting of the Kingdome that I had done, (and which is now in the collection of University Hospital.) The decorator “refused to allow them to hang a painting of the Kingdome” in his interior design, so they compromised on a commission of the Pergola. 

When the painting was nearing completion, I met with the interior designer in a small frame shop. He took one look at the painting, and with over-the-top histrionics he informed me that the clients “did not like black and they do not like yellow.” I ended up doing an entirely different image of the Pergola, which they accepted, although they would have preferred that it pictured “her Corvette and his cement truck.” That painting is pictured below.

“Pergola, Early Spring” is now in the collection of Chicago Title Insurance. The image of “Pergola, Early Spring” above was taken by my friend Ryan Price, on a visit to the title insurance company.