Cynthia now lives in Florida, and is involved in the plein air scene down there.

The painting titled Bob Pepper's Farm is of a farm where we painted for nearly 10 years. I was introduced to the place by the late Paul Havas, and did numerous paintings and studies there, with Paul and other artists, and with my students. I have many fond memories of the place.

Opening Day is an odd title for a painting done near the 520 on-ramp adjacent Washington Park. I think  the painting was so named because we were going to paint at another location, and parking was impossible because it was the official Opening Day of boating season. If I remember correctly we had already tried two other locations before arriving at this one, an out of the way place that is not well known and not much frequented.

Snow Scene depicts the Spokane River along East Upriver Drive. The building on the right is the old Washington Water Power plant. It's a route that I used to bike along, and which has become much changed since this painting was done.